Monday, February 1, 2016

Hockney Style Joiners

(This is of the one I did in school)
Hello. Well lately our class has been working on a photomontage. In this photo montage we are using a method called hockney styled joiners. This method was created by a guy named David Hockney.  Hockney style joiners is made of made up several images of something taken in different ways and put together in an abstract way. Almost as if you are putting together a puzzle. This project we are doing two of these. One at school of our partner for this project and the other being the final project being outside school of something that represents you.

In the internet there is a lot of photos. Millions, possibly billions, but do they all send a really positive message or are some of them really negative. I'd say there is a lot of negative out there. Like what would you say a photo of a very wealthy man showing off his new lamborghini make you feel. Would that make you want more maybe? Will it make you feel jealousy or envy? Be sure to try to keep your photos as positive as possible. Like a puppy.

For my final image I took a picture of a hill and a big tower next to it. I guess it's  to represent my love for technology but also i really like  the outdoors as well. The way it would represent the technology part is because of that big steel tower. I wanted to represent by taking that picture of a big landscape type place. Over all I like the way the final turned out but I wish I would have put more space in between each image that way it's not so much of a cluster of photos all in one place.

(This one is the final image) 

Monday, November 30, 2015

Scratch Game Design

Hi! So we finally got a new project for GT called "Scratch Game Design". For this game we have to use an arrangement of blocks made from code to tell things what to do. It's a pretty cool project. So before this project we played around with a little website called Code. It basically works with blocks of code that tell a sprite or player to move where you want.

Some of the best features of my game is how things move and the movement code. These games have different moment codes. One uses space to jump and doesn't go down with the down arrow. However you can see in both that I used some of the same sprites. I also used the same code for moving back and forth.

Some of the most difficult and code I'm most proud of is finding a very very smooth gravity engine. It was very very hard to make and took a lot of trial and error. Some of the most complicated fixes was getting getting the right variables to work. My favorite part was all the coding I had to do. It was an overall challenging project but a really fun, good one.

Invention Commercial

P3T6_Invention from Kapaa Middle School MEDIA on Vimeo.

So lately here in GT we got a new project. The project came right after the composition scavenger hunt. This one was called an Invention Commercial. Our teams goal for this project is to sell the product to the audience. So in order to do this we made a commercial that consisted of certain marketing techniques to sell our product to the buyer.

Our team was the same as the last project, Alex and London. It was a pretty fun project. We had lots of time to film and edit. I'd have to say my favorite part of the project was the editing. Specifically music picking and a sound effect. It was so fun because some of the sounds were funny and matched well with the B-Roll. Some didn't make any sense or go with the B-Roll at all but it was still pretty funny.

During our filming, editing and all that good stuffs, all of us had a job. I had to do a lot of filming at Alex's house and only a little be of being on camera. Alex did most of the editing. He organized some of the clips and such and me and london picked out sounds. London did most of the A-Roll too.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Cracking the Code

Hi! So have you ever heard of code? No. Yes. Maybe. Well basically code is like specific directions for electronic devices. It tells a computer what to do and how to run a program. Even this blog is all made from code. Code is very important. Without it there would be no internet.

So one of the things I did is play a game that uses code. You have to give specific directions for an angry bird to move to catch that devious pig. It was a pretty cool little game. Some of the levels get really hard, but most of them are easy. Code is a pretty cool thing and I'd like to learn more.

Well, for me, I don't really know that much about game design and coding. I wish I did. From what I've done, coding is pretty fun. I wish I knew how to do it. If I could design a game, I probably would be pretty bad at it because I'm not that creative. Anyways If i could design a game, I would start off easy and try to make a simple game. Like flappy bird or the game where you're a worm and you collect dots and get bigger, or something like that.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Composition Scavenger Hunt

So one of our latest projects is a lil' something called "Composition Scavenger Hunt". It's basically a thing where you shoot a lot of different strategies and techniques for photography. OF course there are a lot of these, but we only did 10 out of the 20 limited options. I'd say one of the more important techniques is rule of thirds. Rule of thirds is important because it makes for a nice wide shot. It gives a lot of the details of what's going on and can let the audience see the setting.

I'd say one of the more important composition techniques is ants eye view. I say this because it requires you to be in a specific place or the ground. I could probably use this more to get a shot of a person looking a lot bigger than they already are. It's also pretty hard to find out where to incorporate this type of shot.

My team for this project was a two, sixth-grade boys. Their names are London and Alexzander. Im in seventh grade yet their still taller than me. Anyways, Alex and London were in most of the shots. I did some filming, editing and was in some of the shots. It was a pretty cool project. I liked it.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Comedy Writing

Hello! So I have a new project. Its a project on filming a comedic monologue. Of course it takes a sense of humor to laugh at the joke. I guess a sense of humor is important because you would be such a boring person with out one. A sense of humor is what makes a person funny or laugh. People without a a sense of humor are always so serious. I think it's important to have one at least. Telling a joke can also make someones day. Usually your goal is to make your audience laugh

So writing a humorous narrative may not always be easy. It can actually be pretty hard. So here are some tips on writing a humorous narrative. When when telling a joke be sure to be yourself. It is actually important to be yourself. Be sure to have good facial expressions. Also your tone of voice matters. You don't want to sound like a robot. One more tip is you should make sure a joke is appropriate for your audience. Like telling a 5-year-old how many times Donald Trump says China. Or telling immature jokes to an audience of adults.

My comedic monologue is about how good I am at doing things (not really). One of the things I did was say how good I am at riding a bike. But then the camera cuts to me carrying the bike. Or a shot of me saying how good i am at doing homework then me crumbling up my homework. Its funny because I'm explaining that I can do everything better than everyone else only to find out the visuals tell very much otherwise.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Motivational Poster

Well, as a G.T. student we get fun projects. A LOT of them. Right now our latest project is a motivational poster. The posters requires things like text layers and  image layers and stuffs like that. You will need two text layers (One manifesto and juan personal quotes layer) and four image layers (Three symbolic images and one image of "yo' face"). You will need to kern both text layers and add your triadic color scheme. As for the images, you will need visual balance and adjustment layers.

So the way I did it was first I Started by making my personal quotes on a document. Then I made my manifesto in my previous blog post. I don't write in photo shop because there is no spell check. Next I copy and pasted my quotes and manifesto into photoshop and started kerning. After I was done kerning I added my triadic color scheme. Next I disabled my text layers and added my image layers. As soon as they loaded I adjusted their spacing and positioning for visual balance. After that i added an adjustment layer called color balance and kind of played around with different colors until I got what I did.

My biggest challenge was kerning. Although this isn't my first time kerning, it was the most I've kerned so far. Kerning is a long process. If you look closely almost all words are different. I overcame the challenge by trying to work as fast as possible. I almost didn't finish in time. Another thing is that I had to add my color scheme.